Skin Treatments – spider veins, skin tags

The VeinAway®  system  uses  ultrafast radiofrequency  pulses, which  get  maximum 1.5 mm into the skin. In comparison with laser  or IPL  the treatment with  VeinAway® is  extrmely safe and precise.

What conditions  may be treated?

  • thread veins, spider veins, facial or on ankles, knees
  • skin tags
  • milia
  • cherry angiomas, (red dots or bumps anywhere on the body)

VeinAway is  ideal for treating  spider veins when they occur in sensitive areas where other treatments  may not be suitable. Areas that can include: legs, arms, ankles, knees, face.  It is the only  treatment available for thread veins of nose septum or on the eyelid.

The initial consultation is very important for diagnosing your condition and for checking the contra-indications for this treatment. Once your consultation and medical check are completed and your practitioner is satisfied, the vein treatment can be done immediately.

What causes facial thread veins?

The common causes of  facial thread veins (called Tetangiectasia) are:

  • Genetic inheritance,
  • age,
  • sun exposure
  • fragile skin
  • x-rays, chemotherapy
  • injury
  • pregnancy and birth
  • excess  alcohol
  • long term use of oral contraceptive
  • long term use of topical retinoid treatments
  • diseases like Lupus Erythematosus, Scleroderma, Raynaud’s Phenomenon;

What does a VeinAway® treatment involve?

We will start by taking  a thorough medical history from you, and having a look at your skin. We’ll also take some photographs  to document your starting point. We will thoroughly  clean your skin. 

Treatment itself will take no longer than 15-20 minutes regardless of the number of veins. We’ll NOT  treat you longer than this as we don’t  want to traumatize your skin. after the treatment we will apply  soothing gel to your skin, to reduce the redness of the treated skin.

Is the VainAway® treatment painful?

Most people don’t find it  painful, rather describe it  as a tingling sensation. It depends on how high the pain threshold is for each patient and how sensitive the skin on this part of the body is. Using any form of anaesthesia is not recommended.

Who should avoid it? 

There are some people who should avoid VeinAway® :

  • pregnant ladies,
  • epileptic patients
  • people who have applied  fake tan (genuine suntan is not a problem!)
  • people who had VeinAway  treatment in less than 4-6 weeks.

Are the results instant?


What side effects may I expect?

Unlike the lasers or IPL, VeinAway doesn’t cause any scarring or bruising- it is very safe.

 Patient before removal of  spider vein on nostril.

Patient immediately after removing spider vein on nostril.

Skin tag  on the upper eye lid.