New patient examination£70.00N/A
Scaling from£70.00Included
Emergency appointment70.00Included
White single surface from£130.00£117.00
White two surface from£140.00£126.00
White three surface from£160.00£144.00
Children’s baby teeth from£60£54
Children’s adult teeth from£120£108
Root canal treatment (without filling) from£520.00£468.00
Root canal treatment (with filling) from£600£540.00
Extraction from£150.00£135.00
Surgical extraction from£200.00£180.00
Porcelain bonded to metal from£600.00£540.00
Full ceramic from£650.00£585.00
Post and core*£100.00£90.00
Porcelain/metal (per unit) from£550.00£495.00
Full ceramic (per unit)** from£580.00£522.00
Acrylic partial from£950.00£855.00
Full denture from£1000.00£900.00
Full dentures (set) from£1700.00£1530.00
Partial chrome (metal frame) from£1200.00£1080.00
Home tray whitening380.00£342.00
Zoom!® (in-surgery treatment)£480.00£432.00
Single tooth (after root filling)TBATBA

* Depends on patient needs
** If technically possible

There prices are intended as a guide to our current fees. Treatments costs may vary according to the complexity of work. A printed treatment plan and cost estimate will be available to patients after examination. A deposit will usually be payable at this time.