Saturday 27th of January 2024 our practice is open from 10.00 till 13.00 . This is our private dental emergency service, and we are happy to see you and help. The phone number 01432272084 and email address: as always.

After years of  advising  patients how important proper dental care is, I’d like to put all the information  together for you. Teeth play an important role not only in looking appealing but mainly in nutrition and general health. Teeth allow you to follow a healthy diet and stay well nourished by preparing the food you Continue reading Lost Teeth – why to replace them?

The coronavirus pandemic is dominating all of our lives at the moment. This virus causes respiratory disease, sometimes  with gastrointestinal symptoms.  Diseases can range from the common cold to pneumonia, which could be fatal. In most people symptoms are mild, but some of us can develop severe disease. COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for elderly , Continue reading Coronavirus

Those are  pictures of  skin tags- small one was  located on the upper eye lid, and  the large – located close to the arm pit, irritated  by  clothes  and towels. Both  can  be easily  and without  leaving scares removed

Above  are  two new photographs of  red veins removal, before and immediately after treatment. The “after ” photo was taken with  better light, using flash, and the skin  was  more red which is  perfectly natural after  the treatment.  

We are delighted to introduce new skin treatments to our practice. We’ll be using the VeinAway® equipment,  which uses an ultrafast radiofrequency  through a single hair wide needle. VeinAway® can be used to treat thread veins, spider veins, skin tags and other skin malformations. The procedure is quick and painless and involves no negative post-treatment Continue reading New Skin Treatment.