The coronavirus pandemic is dominating all of our lives at the moment.

This virus causes respiratory disease, sometimes  with gastrointestinal symptoms.  Diseases can range from the common cold to pneumonia, which could be fatal. In most people symptoms are mild, but some of us can develop severe disease.

COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for elderly , people with existing respiratory system problems like asthma, limited lungs capacity, but also for smokers. People with diabetes or cardiovascular disease are also in high risk group .

COVID-19 virus is very easily spread via droplets of fluid when someone coughs or sneezes, or by touching a surface infected by the virus.

The incubation period (from when the infection or contact occurs until the first symptoms develop) is between 1 to 14 days. According to the rules announced by the Prime Minister we are forced to change the delivery of our dental services.

1/ All the routine , non-urgent dental care is now stopped until advised otherwise.

2/ As long as possible there will  be always someone in the practice to  answer your phone call and provide you with necessary advice. Please, DO NOT COME TO THE PRACTICE.  CALL US FIRST.

Our usual phone number : 01432 272084, and NEW , OUT OF HOURS  number is : 07955 591 915.

3/ Patients who are self-isolating for COVID-19 should not be brought into the practice premises. Patients should contact  NHS 111 for further assessment and referred as necessary.

Please, do obey self-distancing , self-isolation rules which, however difficult and upsetting , will help stopping the disease.

We miss you, so stay safe , for yourselves and for us.