The Art of Interdental Brushing.

It is well known fact that to  maintain good oral health it is necessary to clean your mouth every day. Not only teeth – also interdental spaces and tongue too.

A number of studies link the presence of dental plaque with systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and even Alzheimer’s and  negative outcome of pregnancy. The plaque within the arterial walls contain bacteria identical  to  that found in oral cavity.  Reducing bacterial plaque in the mouth  can prevent the heart  from bacteria migrating there from oral cavity. Diabetic patients have higher  susceptibility  to contracting infections and  increased difficulty in  healing  and recovery. Periodontal disease (gum disease) can affect glycaemic  control and cause  instability within the body.

Remember :  the space between your teeth is inaccessible to the ordinary toothbrush, However modern and sophisticated  it  might be. Once the dental plaque causes infection it can  spread down the surface of the tooth until  it reaches  the very end of the root. it will damage  the  gum, bone – and  this is loose tooth  happen.

We strongly  recommend  including  the interdental  brushing  into  the daily  hygiene habits alongside with  traditional  toothbrush (manual or electric) and  flossing.

Below  are  the rules of  using interdental  toothbrushes.


1/ Find the  right size of the interdental spaces; you may  need brushes in  several sizes, as the interdental spaces vary in  width and shape. You may  choose  the size yourself, but your dentist  should be able to help you with it (We are!!!).

2/Place  your  brush horizontally. Move  the brush back and forth a couple of times. Don’t scrub – interdental brush  will  NOT remove  hard calculus, it’s dentist or hygenist job!

3/bend the  wire  of your brush to form a gentle curve, to clean the back teeth. If your brush  has  flexible handle, this  will be much  easier.

4/You may  notice over time that  the brush  feels less snugin the space. This is the sign that you have reduced the swelling  that was  connected  with the gums inflammation.  That also means – you  need to change  the brush size accordingly.

5/ If you are using  terapeutic gel , put it on the gum between the teeth and then use the brush. interdental brush  will help you spread the gel where you need it.

6/After using  the interdental brush- wash it well and leave to dry in clean place. The  plastic cover may be useful.

7/ Sometimes the interdental brushes  are more effective than floss. It is easier to  reach the concave shape of  the side of the tooth  with brush than with floss.

Below  you will find  link  to  very  simple  but  useful brushing  instruction   :  .