Revolutionary toothpaste!!

Dear Patients,

We’d like to introduce to you a new, unique  whitening toothpaste.

It’s  Black.

It’s  teeth-friendly.

It doesn’t contain  any abrasive or  bleaching  ingredients.

But it contains Activated Carbon.

Activated Carbon is responsible for the natural gentleness of this toothpaste. It removes stains (from coffee, nicotine and red wine)  without abrading the enamel, absorbing stain particles and gently eliminates them.

What  does it contain?   Sodium Fluoride: 1450ppm of fluoride, protecting against caries. Hydroxylapatite: 1500 ppm  delivers  fluoride to  the enamel (remineralisation), it also  forms the protective layer on  the tooth. Enzymatic system: it contains the enzyms naturally  present in saliva. More enzyms means  better antibacterial function of saliva. Prestige Sparkling Blue® : physical brightener.  And Starphere® : giving  a pleasant cooling  sensation.

What is  important , it DOESN’T  contain Sodium Lauryl sulphate- foaming agent , some of us are allergic to . Also triclosan and plastic particles (damaging the enamel)  are not present.

Our promotion price  is  £14.99 . Bargain in comparison  to other sellers.